Annual Beach Bum Parade, May 18, 2013, Water Fight!!

tybee-sign-2 Tybee Island will host it’s annual Beach Bum Parade alongButler avenue on Friday, May 17. This splash-tastic annualtradition on Tybee Island features a parade as well as an
island-wide water fight offering fun for all ages. Spectators
lining up along the parade route on Butler Avenue will be
armed with squirt guns and hoses, as will parade participants on
Don’t miss this family-friendly water fight, which has
been a Tybee Island tradition since 1987. There’s no better way to kick off the summer
season on Tybee Island.
The Beach Bum Parade started in 1987, when a Tybee Island softball team called the
“Beach Bums” was challenged to a game by “Pier 15,” another local softball team.
The Beach Bums won the game and, afterwards, both teams drove up and down
Butler Avenue with police escorts as the players bombed each other with water balloons.
Before they knew it, there was a water fight in the making. Since then,
the event has become the Tybee Island Beach Bum Parade, known far and wide as a favorite annual island tradition.

I’ve been 3 years in a row and every year i is more fun than the last. bring as much water
as you can or find someone nice enough (which shouldnt be hard at tybee) to let you
borrow their hose (theyre probably renting anyways).
head down to the beach afterwards and relax. see you there.


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