Meet Lauren

Like many folks on Tybee, I didn't start out trying to create a business on Tybee. I just came for the beach! It all began with owning half of a beach house.

I came to Tybee for the weekend 10 years ago with a girlfriend of mine. We stayed at another friend's house and before we left we bought a house together on Lovell Avenue.

Our families quickly fell in love with Tybee and began spending more and more time here. The need for more room was obvious so we each bought our own house. A few years later after my last child went off to college (and, just to have an excuse to be on Tybee) I bought my first rental house on 18th Terrace which became the original "My Beach House". I chose that name because I wanted guests to feel like it was "their house".

By the way, if you stay with My Beach House Rentals you become part of our island family. You are now a "Tybee Cousin" and will receive discounts on future stays.

Lauren's Tips:

Do you know what is the #1 left behind item? Cell phone chargers!!
Make sure to take a quick walk through before you go. You will be surprised what you will find!
And make plans to come back soon.
The beach never gets old!!

Lauren Davis
My Beach House Rentals LLC

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