Tybee Breakfast Club, voted one of 10 best diners in all of America.

Yes, it is worth it to stand in line for breakfast.  Fresh fish for breakfast.  My favorite is:

Mahi Breakfast – only 10.95
A tender, Tasty mahi (or fresh fish of the day) fillet coated with Oriental crumbs and grilled til golden. Two eggs any style, grits, toast & Boom-Boom sauce!  I choose the rye toast.  Or ask for an english muffin.


The 10 Best Diners in All of America

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The diner is an icon of American cuisine, a place immortalized by Edward Hopper in his painting “Nighthawks” and in countless movies, from “Reservoir Dogs” to “Swingers.” Unfussy cuisine and low prices, combined (often) with a timeless décor, means diners serve not only great food but a healthy helping of nostalgia to boot. Sure, you can always serve yourself up a short stack with all the toppings, but no matter where you are, a good diner can’t be far away.

The Breakfast Club
1500 Butler Ave., Tybee, GA
Granted, you’ll have to brave the notoriously long lines, but this beachfront spot is well worth the wait. Classic American diner food is combined with signature seasonal items incorporating the local seafood. Sure, the wait can be long, but you’ll be staring at the ocean view, so who can really complain?

Welcome! We sincerely hope your experience here is enjoyable. Our chefs and service staff are a diligent and creative lot whose livelihoods depend on your continued patronage. At the Breakfast Club, you’ll discover a family owned and operated diner whose owner/chef is a Culinary Institute of America alumni, assisted in the catering of JFK Jr’s wedding, been on TV a bunch, has won ‘Best Breakfast in Savannah’ numerous times and has a staff whom he loves dearly while working them to the bone. We make our own sausages, sauces, prep our vast variety of veggies by hand, assemble your items to order and MOVE A GREAT DEAL OF FOOD, thereby ensuring freshness. If we won’t eat it or buy it…we won’t serve it. Period. Please have consideration for the next patron by not lingering.
Voted ‘Best Breakfast in Savannah’ 2012 – Readers Choice Awards – Savannah Morning News

Open Daily from 7am til about 1pm
Every day for the rest of my life!

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